Bolton: “Opposing teams will need to bring their ‘A game'”

Bolton: “Opposing teams will need to bring their ‘A game'”

Vårt senaste nyförvärv är backen Jake Bolton. Han kommer från USA där han har spelat 8 säsonger i ECHL. Senast kommer han från spel med Narvik i Norges högstaliga.

Här nedan kan du läsa en intervju med backgiganten.

Jake Bolton, Welcome to Boden and Boden Hockey. Tell us, who is Jake Bolton, on and off the ice?
On the ice, I am a tough back that likes to play physical and join the offense. I take care of my teammates, and look for good opportunities to get the puck on net. I pride myself in being a player that opposing teams do not want to play against. Off the ice, I am a pretty laid back guy that enjoys spending time with my teammates. I love the outdoors, going hunting, fishing, and hiking. If I’m not at the rink, you’ll probably find me walking around town or with a few of the guys at my apt. I love taking to people, so feel free to come say hi if you see me around town.

How come you ended up in Norway last season?
Last season, I was playing in the ECHL and was traded in December. Rather than going to the team I was traded to, I wanted to explore the European market. After talking to a few teams, I decided to hop on with Narvik, and I enjoyed my time there.

The biggest reason you chose to play for Boden, and how much impact did Robert Nordberg as headcoach have on your decision to come to Boden This season?
I came to Boden because I saw the potential that this team has. We have a very well balanced roster, with a great group of guys. We are able to beat takes in many different ways, as we can play tight defense when needed, but can also produce a lot of offense. Opposing teams will need to bring their “A game” every night if they want a chance to beat us. Having Robert as the coach was a big part of my decision to sign with Boden. We worked together a bit last season and Narvik, and clicked immediately. I enjoy his passion and knowledge of the game, and I think he understands what I bring to the team. We are able to bounce ideas off each other, and try to improve our team every day.

You linked up with the team last wednesday, and played your first game on friday against Kalix. Tell oss a bit more about your first time here. And about the game against Kalix.

Getting here on Wednesday was great. I was able to meet the guys at practice, and everyone was very welcoming. I felt like a part of the team as soon as I stepped on the ice. I like the small town atmosphere here, as it allows you to keep your focus locked on hockey every day. The first game in Kalix was a great way to get my feet wet in this league. Getting the win was just icing on the cake.

Thank You Jake, and once again Welcome to Boden!

Skribent: Dennis Eliasson

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